Saturday, May 31, 2008

The month of May

Yesterday as i hold my punch card, it's pratically empty! Can't imagine i only worked for 2 days in May, which is the 1st working day (2/5/08) and the last working day (30/5/08)! And when i enter my department, a few staff came to a hilarious conclusion..."Jun, u dah kahwin ke? Pergi mana untuk honeymoon?" *sweat* Maybe because i was so glad in a way to be back to see my dear colleagues + staffs and also can't wait to see my long stay patients (can't imagine i actually missed following up them, but also hope they'll be discharged home by the time i'm back).

After 2 weeks of MC and then followed by 2 weeks of induksi for HKL staff in Port Dickson @ PNB Ilham Resort, i almost forget how to pack my stuff for work. Despite a sprained ankle with ligament injuries, i still went for banana boat, jungle trekking, arobics every morning (630-730am), all the telematch in the evening etc. It was fun as it really bring out the inner child of all of us. Looking at all the hospital staffs from doctors, pharmacists, dietitians, speech therapists, audiologists, staff nurses, social workers, sains officers, and a catering officer mingling together, it's really like a BIG family. We pratically throw away all our gelaran and rankings and left our job behind to participate wholeheartedly in every program that was arranged for us. A total of 70 participant all from HKL, really makes a very diverse group of characters, most never saw each other before although we were all from HKL (it's really a big place).

From the boring lectures to some very informative lectures that stretches from day 2 until day 10, to the physical arobics and funny/hilarious telematch by the army, riadah (waterpolo, kayaking and banana boat) and to the time we prepared for exam, 2 weeks just flew by! We were all demanding for another day of cuti induksi lanjutan to our penyelaras on the day of exam, knowing it impossible.

After we came back to KL from PD, the next day in HKL, 10 of us actually gathered for reunion lunch as we were already missing each other's company :) We also visited each other's department, lepak around the hospital, getting to see each other's areas, it just put a smile on my face. Finally i do feel like a big family here besides only knowing my department (which is already around 100 staffs).

Besides learning the core business which is Pekeliling Am and Perintah Am, etc... which gave us a clearer picture of where we are as goverment servants, now, we even have friends from all departments, which it's the biggest wonder from this induksi for me. Ya, there are times when i'll rebel at certain things, just surrender it all to Him and hope i can learn live a life He plans.

Attended Perng Fei & Mey Lih's wedding today. Congrats to the newly wed couple!


p/s: Didn't make it to Relay For regret....Will try to make it for once next year.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ligament Injury

I'm being backslab below knee...makes the mild injury looks so severe...actually i'm still walking/limping before they plaster me up. Once in a lifetime, now i know how it feels being plastered. Given 2 wk mc, dunno whether i'll take 2 wk or less if i'm able to recover fast. Praying for a speedy recovery. Cant wait to release it in 2 weeks time! (maybe after 1 week i'll try to remove & see how is the swelling).

In actual fact, i can swim with 1 leg or even without legs...but i can't walk without 1 leg *sobs*.

p/s: I rather put the fins on than a plaster :p

Life & Action: Start with the end in mind

My blog was really dormant since I’ve started working. Today my 1st time taking medical certificate (mc), due to a sprained ankle (ouch, ouch, OUCH!!!). I really have pain intolerance. Being immobile has stimulated me to blog once again.

So much of life and action I can say since I’ve reported on duty on 18/9/07. I have everyone and especially God to thank for the opportunity given to start off in a good working environment.

Attended some weddings and also lost a close primary school friend, Melissa Tjen Bt. Mohd. Farid on 26/4/08 due to an accident. My 1st friend in primary 1, we sat together for 3 years, was in the same class for 6 years. My condolence to the Tjen closely knitted family. Lost touch with her personally after we left school in Form 5, but kept in touch thru facebook & friendster. I’ll treasure all the sweet memories of our childhood and our growing up. This reminds me to treasure everyday, everyone and every moment. I learned a new “slogan” from Headstart last month, which is “Start with the end in mind”.

Last month I took my 1st breath underwater! That was fun! For my 1st breath I actually breath with the regulator in my mouth above water (wasn’t too sure whether it’ll really provide me the air I need), haha! Was being cautious…then WALA! It did!! Then immediately I submerged myself and took the 1st breath underH20! Now I really trust it…there was once I actually took a breath underwater without knowing I’ve removed the regulator and I choked! Guess I thought I have gills! I’m really looking forward to my open water test end of May. Finally I’ll be able to see God’s creation in the underwater world, keeping fingers cross! Will enclose some pictures next time :)