Friday, June 13, 2008

PoWer in uNiTy

I’ve always yearn to practice in a multidisciplinary approach in combating chronic/acute diseases in hospital/clinic in-patient or out-patient settings. I’m so blessed to be part of CORFIS (out-patient setting) and Nutritional Support Team (in patient setting). I guess God must have known what’s in my heart (before I knew it myself) that He placed me where I am, lead me in meeting the right people and engaging me in the right place.

I’ve “volunteer” (being paid can sitll consider as volunteer ar..?hehe...)to render my service as a service dietitian in CORFIS (Community Based Multiple Risk Factors Intervention Strategy to Prevent Cardiovascular and Chronic Kidney Diseases) since Dec 2007, tomorrow will be the 1st time I’ll be discharging my 1st patient (followed up her for 6 months)! Yipee...! She has been very compliant and has lost weight (from overweight BMI to normal BMI), increased her exercise and now is an independent educated individual on healthy lifestyle. She said something that kept me going, “I’ve never have my blood pressure under control before; this is my 1st time having normal BP”. It was an encouragement for me to carry on this service although it really takes up and Saturday/weekend plans. Our team (doctor, pharmacist, dietitian and nurse) must have did it right.
In the in-patient setting, HKL just started a formal NST (Nutritional Support Team), if not mistaken, March or April 2008. NST consist of a surgeon, a dietitian, a pharmacist, and 2 nurses. A senior dietitian is in that team, but I was blessed indirectly as I was given the opportunity to see it being set up. I was there for the 1st meeting as the secretary. NST only visited surgical and burns unit (which wasn’t under my area). Then, surprisingly, the surgeon had a case in O&G, as it was my area, my senior dietitian in NST told me “Jun, I think I trust you to handle it yourself”, she gave me some advice I hold dear and off I went with the team for a few ward rounds to see the patient as a multidisciplinary approach.
I do have glimpses of idea how multidisciplinary approach in the clinical setting is, both in and out patient. Every day, every minit and every second is precious time for both intervention and also gaining new experience. It really guaranteed a better patient management and patient care outcome. Hope it'll be incorporated soon throughout all clinical setting. Amen!