Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Dimension of LiFe

Selamat Hari Merdeka! Thinking of this as a perfect moment to start a new blog. Wanted to start a new blog as my old blog @ might be a bit annoying to some friends when updates alerts everyone in my friends list in friendster.
Malaysia is now 1/2 a century old, cheers! It has been a long journey of 50 years for M'sia and 25 years for me :) Development in M'sia has definitely been in leaps and bounce in certain part of the country, mainly in cities. But holistically speaking, we are still much far from the true meaning of independance. Well, i don't have enough room here to speak in details. It's sad to see that we are still taking avantage of those in the rurals, the natives, the poor, the unfortunates etc...Being a multiracial country is never easy, true racial intergration is still a prayer away. And i'll never stop praying for M'sia. May be it's because this is home ground, m'sia has won my affection despite all her weaknesses, she has her own beauty.
Soon, i'll be part of the working society in M'sia. Just released from my refuge...a place somehow in certain ways, we were sheltered from the snares in the real working world, and now is the time to take my 1st flight into the open air...1st plunge into the open water. Is this also called independance? And independance always come with responsibility. Hope that the 1st step of this long journey start of well. *Exhale*.... Amist all the uncertainties and ever-changing-circumtances, it's my comfort and joy that i can always rely on a never changing God. Amen!
But You are always the same...(Hebrews 1:12)...the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).