Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sacrifice by Bob Fitts

A video clip that penetrates my heart and soul :) Thought of sharing it here. Click here to view it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I went under the SEA!

Redang Bay ,13/7/08. Officially pass my Open Water Diving! *beaming* This exposure to scuba diving has given me another reason to praise Him for what He has created. Can't put the experience in words, there's so much life, colors, nature under the sea. My knowledge on marine life is real poor at this point, so everything to be is very big/big/medium, small or green/blue/red/yellow/purple/white...i have no names for most of the sea creatures i saw, hehe...But i enjoyed meeting them face to face :)

While taking th exam there were moments we were floating/snorkelling on the surface of the ocean, boats that passes us by brings along big waves and soon stirred up my sea sickness. There were nights when i close my eyes to sleep in Redang, i still feel that i'm on a boat, rocking...This rocking feeling only left me when i left the island :p Moral of the story, take the pills! haha...

Some interesting marine life I saw was black tip shark, turtles, blue spotted stingray, cute cute Nemo playing pee-ka-boo, live corals (hard & soft...erm...i dunno the name...too scientific, haha!), jacks, parrot fish, nudi, etc. Time just flew by when i'm underwater, in a moment it's already time to surface and got to wait for the next dive. I only did around 2 dives/day...didnt manage 3 dives due to sea sickness and thanks to jelly fish!

My sworned enemy is JELLY FISH! Got stinged 3 times, the final sting was the one that hurt the most! The mark is still on me although it has been a week dy. I'll revenge by putting them on the dining table --- Jellyfish soup, baked jelly fish, boiled jellyfish, fried jellyfish, stir fried jelly fish, raw jelly fish, ALL of it! Well, maybe i got to take care of Mr.Cholestetol too...can't eat so much :P Kekeke....Such a elegant, graceful and beautiful creature, yet it stings bad!! The sea was flooded with them, like stars in the sky (haha..ok, abit exagerating...but they were uncountable...more than 10 in a glance). Moral of the story again....wear FULL LENGTH wet suit (i only wore half length)!